Linux Lockdown: Jailing Software with Linux Containers

Linux Lockdown: Jailing Software with Linux Containers

Eric Capuano, SOC Manager at Texas Division of General Public Safety

A standard misconception would be that it can take investing millions is proficient at safety. Besides is this untrue, but i'll show techniques you are able to build safety pose while actually decreasing using. This chat outlines most of the tips and mindsets to performing protection better without damaging the bank. This is not the normal A?AˆA?Problem, problem, issue. A?AˆA? chat. This can be a solution-based talk that dates back to many associated with the standard difficulties dealing with SOC groups every where.

Eric Capuano (Twitter: ) try a Suggestions Security professional serving condition and authorities and SMBs, start-ups and non-profits. Furthermore, a part from the package Hacking town group at DEF CON.

Jay Beale, CTO and COO at InGuardians

Taught by Bastille Linux creator Jay Beale, this practical workshop will show one utilize Linux pots to better incorporate a strike on any regimen operating on the system. You'll be considering a vulnerable program to protect, via an online device as possible install beforehand. You may initially endanger the applying, after that contain it and exploit they again. We'll talk about AppArmor, seccomp and SELinux, and you will certainly be able to download the digital machinery to test more advanced variations of this afterward. For reason for ease, we will incorporate Docker, but you can make principles house and check out these with LXC/LXD, runc, or any other structure for controlling bins. This working area will be instructed the very first time and provides one topic through the long-running Black Cap class, ""Aikido on Order Line.A?AˆA?

Jay Beale (Twitter: and ) is doing work in Linux protection since 1999, as he began generating a few protective protection equipment, like Bastille Linux/UNIX as well as the CIS Linux rating appliance, both of that have been made use of extensively throughout industry and national. Читать далее «Linux Lockdown: Jailing Software with Linux Containers»

Thoughts we should listen to what you THINK. Kindly send a letter towards the publisher

Thoughts we should listen to what you THINK. Kindly send a letter towards the publisher

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Numerous — like bisexual ladies — additionally conveyed annoyance at lovers exactly who utilize the software to catch queer ladies for threesomes

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