My Boyfriend Added His Ex on Snapchat--What Do I Do?

My Boyfriend Added His Ex on Snapchat--What Do I Do?

Editor's Note: Crosswalk's Singles Advice is an advice column for singles featuring an anonymous question from a Crosswalk reader with a thoughtful, biblical reply from one of our single contributors.

My boyfriend recently told me that his ex-girlfriend added him on Snapchat the other night. It threw me for a loop and I'm not sure what to say. I closed off pretty quickly because I wasn't sure.

My boyfriend said that he thinks she's just being mature and it would be nice if he could be friendly with their old mutual friends but I don't like it. He said if I told him to delete her he would but I feel like that should be a him decision.

It sounds like their relationship was very toxic and I don't know why he would reintroduce that into his life. Please help. I don't want to turn to Cosmo or vogue advice. I need sound Christian guidance.

Hi, there! This sounds like a really tough problem has entered your relationship. Of course, before Snapchat, couples definitely struggled with drawing boundaries with exes whether they had dated them previously, or married them and later divorced.

Compound this with social media and the ability to easily access anyone and everyone, and that makes the situation far more convoluted.

What makes this even more tricky is the Bible obviously doesn't have much to say about Snapchat and whether we can add/talk to our exes. So I will do my best to answer below what guidelines I believe the Bible has set in place for Christians and exes, based on what you have provided me. Читать далее «My Boyfriend Added His Ex on Snapchat--What Do I Do?»