IMPORTANT: Make sure the now unscrewed top coverage cannot collapse

IMPORTANT: Make sure the now unscrewed top coverage cannot collapse

  • Treat disk out of drive and you will intimate the brand new lid
  • Put the console upside-upon a firm surface

Going for and you can Downloading a disk Image Naturally to begin with you can need to do attain up and running was to download the image. We distributed these types of photo because the .iso documents, which happen to be commonly referred to as “drive images.” Peppermint helps 64-portion systems. Getting Peppermint

NOTE: Saturn's higher safety is not flat therefore specific collapsed cloth you'll help in keeping it even more stable and steer clear of scratches.

  • Beat 5 screws situated in/around the edges having fun with a Phillips PH#2 screwdriver
  • Keep the unit by corners having the hands and you may cautiously change it to upright condition
  • Lift Saturn's higher protection and place they away
  • Softly unplug the Cd-ROM drive wires
  • Lightly eliminate the brand new push to separate it from the mainboard, after that shop it out

IMPORTANT: The fresh push might be associated with body by a cable tv otherwise little bit of copper foil. Unscrew and take away the newest wire/foil completly – use PH#step one screwdriver for this. Remember to place the screw-back when you look at the.

  • Enter Phoebe rather than the drive, playing with a couple of brand new pegs closest with the front side out of system. To save it away from rocking set up service pegs, you to definitely near the button as well as the almost every other one to nearby the base of one's board.
  • Hook energy and you will code cable. It is possible to hook the fresh elective Hz regularity control wire.

Brand new apartment wire gets into Phoebe conductor-front right up. The newest connector towards Phoebe try a LIF – lowest installation force – types of. Читать далее «IMPORTANT: Make sure the now unscrewed top coverage cannot collapse»